As a conservative advertising agency we are thrilled to be able to provide you with a list of our Search Engine Placement Results. All of our listings are rated by content we have not paid any placement fees. We are proof that you do not need to pay thousands of dollars for your website to reach the top page in your search term categories.
Call Conservative Advertising if you would like to see your business on the top pages of the search engines.


We update this list freqently please check back soon to see more success stories.
Domain Name                                    Search Engine Results
*                                    Yahoo # 11 after paid and phonebook 1,960,000 results for tulsa family dentist                                    Yahoo #4 after paid and phone book of 2,130,000 results for family dentist tulsa

Family                                   Yahoo 2 phone book listing of 560,000 results for stanley dds

Family                                   Yahoo Top 5 results of 85,700 results for groom dds                                          Google # 2 after paid listings About 1,110,000 results for domain names tulsa                                           Yahoo # 5 after paid and phonebook of 7,760,000 results for advertising tulsa                Google # 2 of About 8,930 results for term paul mccarthy annuities                Google #1 of about 4,980 results for term paul mccarthy tarkenton                Google #2 of  about 3,920 results paul mccarthy tarkenton financial                Google #4 of about 18,700 results for term  paul mccarthy Aviva                Google #1 About 5,380,000 results for term paul mccarthy Great American Life                Google # 1 of About 49,100 results for term paul mccarthy Old Mutual                Google # 1 of About 48,900 results for term paul mccarthy American Equity                Google # 1 About 8,220 results  for term  paul mccarthy Allianz                Google # 1 after paid results of About 792,000 results for term paul mccarthy Fixed Indexed Annuities              GoogleResults #1 of about 617,000 for conservative housekeeping                  Yahoo #3 of  85,500,000 results for conservative advertising                   Bing #4 of 9,110,000 results for advertising conservative                   Bing #3  of 8,270,000 results for conservative advertising                                            Yahoo  # 3 out of 960,000 results for xtra-income us                                             Google Results #1 of about 54,700,000 for                                          Google Results #1 of about 29,900,000 for                                          Yahoo Results #3 of 80,600,000 results for
                                 Bing  # 5 of 14,800,000 results for machine shop oklahoma                    Google Results # 11 of about 735,000 for machine shop oklahoma                    Google Results #5 of about 1,460,000 for fabricon machining                    Google Results #1 after paid listingsof about 1,260,000 for Machining, Consulting oklahoma                    Google Results #4 of about 397,000 for machining Technology Development oklahoma.                                  Google Results #1 of about 405,000 for promoting tulsa.                                  Google Results #2 of about 236,000 for domain names tulsa.                                  Google Results #9 of about 236,000 for tulsa domain names                                   Yahoo #9 of 8,660,000 results for promoting tulsa                          # 1 of 85,200 for promoting tulsa                          Google Results #1 after the paid for listings and  telephone book                                                                                                                                                   listings  of about 2,790,000 for tulsa housekeeping                           Bing # 1 after phone book of 141,000 results                                        Google Results #3 of about 43,300,000 for battle brand.                                         Yahoo # 1 & 2 of 87,700,000  results for battle brand:                             Google Results #1  of about 47,600,000 for banking questions                      Google Results #1 of about 615 for mema's authentic salsa.

MemasAuthentic                     Yahoo Results #1 of 3,080  results for memas salsa                                  Google Results #4 of about 549,000 for tulsa yard signs.                                  Yahoo #1 after paid listings  of 654,000 for tulsa yard signs                                      Google Results #3 of about 46,100 for laser hair removal tulsa.                                      Google Results #1 after paid listings of about 1,490,000 for skin tulsa                                      Google Results #1 after paid listings of about 937,000 for tulsa skin                                      Google Results #1 after paid listings of about 251,000 for skin care tulsa.                                      Google Results # 1 after paid listings of about 253,000 for tulsa skin care                                        Yahoo # 1  after paid listings of 1,740,000 for tulsa skin care                                        Yahoo #1 after paid listings of 3,320,000 results for tulsa skin                                        Yahoo results # 5 after paid & telephone book listing 3,330,000 results for skin tulsa                                         Yahoo Results # 5 of 793,000 results for Nikki tulsa                                          Yahoo Results #1 for 124,000 results for Baez Tulsa                                         Bing # 15 of 1,730,000 results                                         Bing # 1 after phone book listings of 86,300 results                                        Google #7 About 1,020,000 results for skin Tulsa
(Izabella Skin Care)                                              Google #4 of About 714,000 results                          Yahoo #2,3,4,&6 of 34,700,000 for all american prototype                 #12 of 5,547,000 for all american prototype                                   #12 of 5,547.000 for all american prototype                             Yahoo # 2,3,4,&7 of 15,300,000 for battle brand clothing                                          Yahoo # 1  of 13,800,000 for cancer bullet                                          Google #2 of about 6,590,000 for cancer bullet                                 # 2 of 386,000 for cancer bullet                                     Yahoo #1  of 3,980,000 for butt pass homes                                  Yahoo # 1  of 192,000,000 for debate questions                             Yahoo #6  of 8,460,000  results for indianapolis paintining                                 Yahoo # 3 of 104,000,000  results for i ride for the brand                                   Yahoo # 1 of 92,500,000 for memorable names                                                Yahoo # 2  of 185,000 for nikki baez                                          Yahoo # 4 of 115,000,000 for save the beer

We are no longer contracted with some of these businesses but before they decided to work on their own website we changed the name of the pages and reforworded the domain and it never missed a beat it held it's search engine ranking that we had achieved in all the categories. This is excellent news because business often changes names and ownerships..
Some of these domains were transfered from us to other companies we assisted in creating some of the sites and within a very short time they have become top listings on Google